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1/32 A-20J/K Havoc /Boston IV (01E040)

06 Apr 2024
by Janice

We are excited to present our latest model kit, the 1:32 scale A-20J/K Havoc/Boston IV. This meticulously crafted replica captures the essence of one of the most versatile and iconic aircraft of World War II.

The A-20J/K Havoc, also known as the Boston IV, was a highly successful light bomber and attack aircraft used by Allied forces during the war. Its exceptional speed, maneuverability, and firepower made it a formidable weapon in both daylight and nighttime operations.

Our 1:32 scale model kit showcases the remarkable details and features of the A-20J/K Havoc/Boston IV. The kit includes finely molded plastic parts that accurately recreate the aircraft's exterior, including its sleek fuselage, wings, and tail assembly. Panel lines, rivets, and surface textures have been meticulously reproduced to enhance the model's authenticity.

Inside the cockpit, you will find a wealth of intricate details, including instrument panels, control levers, and seats. The clear plastic canopy allows for a clear view of the interior, enabling you to add further details such as the cockpit instruments and crew figures.

To enhance the realism of the model, we have included a range of optional features. You can choose to display the bomb bay doors open or closed, showcasing the aircraft's payload capabilities. The landing gear can be positioned up or down, allowing you to depict the A-20J/K Havoc/Boston IV in flight or on the ground. Additionally, a variety of markings and decals are provided, offering you the opportunity to customize the model with different squadron insignias and paint schemes.

If you need more information, please fill out thisForm and send it back to us.


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