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Remember Pearl Harbor Attack

08 Dec 2016
by Sunny Mak

Remember Pearl Harbor Attack. On this day Dec 7 1942. Japanese planes massive attacked the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory. The bombing killed more than 2,300 Americans. It completely destroyed the American battleship U.S.S. Arizona and capsized the U.S.S. Oklahoma. The attack sank or beached a total of twelve ships and damaged nine others. 160 aircraft were destroyed and 150 others damaged. The attack took the country and world by surprise. Then Roosevelt's official announcement the next day. The U.S. would declare war on Japan.

At midday on April 18, 1942, 16 U.S. Army bombers B-25B , under the command of daredevil pilot Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle, thundered into the skies over Tokyo and other key Japanese industrial cities in a surprise raid designed to avenge the attack on Pearl Harbor.


Any chance HK will do a 1/32 Sikorsky JRS-1?
Would be a fine tribute to Pearl Harbor.
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